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We are always happy to provide you our best services, We break your teeth nicely!

Preventive dentistry involves more of patient education & counseling. Small tips or minor procedures will help you maintain oral hygiene.... Read More »
Crowns represent a long lasting treatment alternative involving reducing the tooth & covering the reminder with a Custom made restoration.... Read More »
We have very different implant systems like Branemark (Nobel biocare), Biohorizon & Osstem Implant Systems with high success rate.... Read More »
The problems regarding the forwardly placed teeth, Disarrangement of teeth. We have very different Orthodontic Dentistry systems... Read More »
Bonding involves the application of composite resin to the existing tooth. The bonding technique is used frequently as a conservative method of covering stains.... Read More »
Porcelain veneers are an excellent option for front teeth with stains or defective fillings.We have very different Laminates & Veneers systems... Read More »
Bleaching is frequently used to treat mild to moderate surface and instrinsic stains but may not completely eliminate darker stain...Read More »
A tooth has pulp which is covered by two protective layers called enamel & dentin, but which can be decayed, which we call as Caries / Cavity.... Read More »
Nowadays, many people are concerned about their smile. A smile can be redesigned for a more aesthetic look. We, at our hospital, are committed ... Read More »
Healthy periodontium includes healthy gum & good bone foundation to all the teeth, but which can be infected with disease such as Gingivitis... Read More »
We, along with our specialists in Pediatric Dentistry & very efficient & supportive staff in a cool & calm environment, see to it ...Read More »
Complete denture offers an aesthetic solution to patients who have lost all of their teeth. A complete denture may be the best option... Read More »
Full Mouth Rehabilitation... Read More »
Oral surgery deals with extraction (removal of badly carious teeth), various surgeries like Dis impaction (removal of impacted tooth)... Read More »


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