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Welcome to Dr.Ratnadeep's Dental Hospital

Welcomes you to experience dentistry in very comfortable atmosphere.Our dental hospital is very warm, friendly and our team specializes in both cosmetic & general dentistry for you and your whole family.

Who we are?

Dr. Ratnadeep Jadhav

BDS, Government Dental College,
Mumbai, Mumbai University (1998)
M.Sc., (Oral Implantology),
Goethe University,Germany (2014)

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State of the Art Technology

Modern dentistry tools and techniques have revolutionized the level of dental care that restorative in Ratnadeep's Dental.

Advanced Dental Treatments

Ratnadeep's Dental Hospital is one of the most comprehensive dental facilities in the entire Pune, Maharashtra, India.

World Class Facilities

Patients come to Ratnadeep's Dental for treatment because of the world-class facilities available here.

Our Treatment Services

We are always happy to provide you our best services, We break your teeth nicely!

Preventive Dentistry
Preventive dentistry involves more of patient education & counseling. Small tips or minor procedures will help you maintain oral hygiene.... Read More »
Crown & Bridge
Crowns represent a long lasting treatment alternative involving reducing the tooth & covering the reminder with a Custom made restoration.... Read More »
Dental Implant
We have very different implant systems like Branemark (Nobel biocare), Biohorizon & Osstem Implant Systems with high success rate.... Read More »
Orthodontic Dentistry
The problems regarding the forwardly placed teeth, Disarrangement of teeth. We have very different Orthodontic Dentistry systems... Read More »
Bonding involves the application of composite resin to the existing tooth. The bonding technique is used frequently as a conservative method of covering stains.... Read More »
Laminates & Veneers
Porcelain veneers are an excellent option for front teeth with stains or defective fillings.We have very different Laminates & Veneers systems... Read More »
Bleaching is frequently used to treat mild to moderate surface and instrinsic stains but may not completely eliminate darker stain...Read More »
A tooth has pulp which is covered by two protective layers called enamel & dentin, but which can be decayed, which we call as Caries / Cavity.... Read More »

Why Choose Us?

We have Got best ratings in the Town


Late working hours

We know you have a busy lifestyle that’s why we have tailored our working hours to suit your needs. You can view our full opening hours here.

Appointment Reminders

Once an appointment is booked with us, you have an email sent to you with all the appointment details including the day, date and time of your appointment.

Emergency appointment

You don’t have to wait weeks to get an appointment with us. We reserve spots in our appointment book for emergencies and new patients, and we can usually get you in to see the dentist on the same day

Qualified Staff

We have a highly qualified and experienced team of dedicated dental professionals who will ensure you have the personalised gentle care that you deserve. Provide routine dental care, cosmetic treatments, dental implants and orthodontic services

Modern Dentistry

We have modern equipments and are up to date with latest technology in dentistry and we are constantly keeping up with the changes and regulations

All Under One Roof

Patients receive comprehensive dental treatment and with an in-house CAD CAM technology specializing in all ceramic restorations, there is no need to go elsewhere!

"Very efficient & supportive staff in a cool & calm environment.. they see to it that kids are at complete ease during dental procedures. Excellent team of doctors with Dr. Ratnadeep. Clean and hygienic hospital. Soothing instrumental music is played. Best dental hospital in Pune."

Pranita DangePune

Meet Our Team

Our best qualified dentists from across the country are always eager and available to help your teeth! Please contact us for any Emergency.


Private Dental Practice since: 16 Years

  • Past President Indian Dental Association (Pimpri –Chinchwad Branch).
  • Ex-Vice Chairman World Dental Show, Mumbai.
  • Ex-Central Council member IDA.
  • Lectured at various IDA branches on Implantology.
  • Conducted hands on courses on "Dental Implants".
  • Conducted hands on training on "Endodontics"
  • Speciality Practice in: – Implantology, Endodontic, Esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Ratnadeep Jadhav

We DoWe Care

Brush teeth and gums at least twice a day. If you can, brush 30 minutes to 1 hour after every meal. Brushing removes plaque, a film of bacteria that clings to teeth. When bacteria in plaque come into contact with food, they produce acids. These acids lead to cavities.

  • 6 Month check ups
  • Periodontal disease prevention
  • Mouth guards for sports
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Ceramic fillings
  • Teeth Cleaning
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Have More Questions?

You can find more about our procedures, Famous FAQ's.

  • What is meant by root canal treatment?
    Root canal treatment is the conservative procedure in which the decay and infection are removed from the tooth completely till the end of the root with special instruments. After removing the infection from the root canal, it is followed by filling of the canal by a special filling material.
  • What are the different types of crown available (cap)?
    1. Acrylic
    2. Full metal
    3. Metal with acrylic facing
    4. Metal with ceramic facing
    5. Full ceramic( porcelain fused metal)
    6. All ceramic ( metal free ceramic)
  • Does DRDH dentistry accepts the Insurance?
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  • Why DRDH dentistry patients are always happy and smiling?
    There is an old saying that when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. DRDH love to see people smile because it conveys happiness.
  • What is our staff's behaviour with our patients?
    We feel sure that you will understand that proper behaviour is absolutely necessary for patients and that non-observance will not be accepted. We undertake to treat our patients with respect and courtesy at all times by our staff and we expect patients to treat our staff in the same way.
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We are authorized by many Employers and Insurances.


Monday - Saturday: 9:30AM- 9:00

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